The deadline to sign is the 21st, dont delay, sign now

Note If your packet is dated January 1 it needs to be turned in today.

2019 Utah Tax Referendum

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The following services would be included in the tax base

Tax referendum organizers and supporters gather for last push to gather signatures

UT 2019 Tax Referendum response to the Sutherland Institute

Harmons Opens Doors to Support Signature Gathering to Oppose Food Tax Increase

Tax Cut” will nickel and dime Utahns to debt

Fuel and your money will soon be parted

Referendum organizers blast Utah Taxpayers Association for supporting tax reform law

Last place isn’t bad enough so Utah lawmakers are taking $680 million away from education

Hungry for taxes? Utah’s hefty food tax hike fills the bill

The Utah Taxpayers Association, have they read the Utah Constitution regarding 2019 SB 2001

Aimee Winder Newton Signatures at Murray City Hall

I can not believe the experience I just had! I took a signature packet this morning from the Capitol and figured I would take it with me as I attend different events around the state for my governor’s race. I just attended an event at Murray City Hall and told a few people I had a petition with me. Next thing I know people are clamoring to sign. I got three pages of signatures at just that one location. And I had someone ask to help gather signatures in his networking group. (He’s emailing me and I will put him in touch with one of you who can get him trained and armed.) I think I’m going to need another packet soon.

We hate that this special session tax bill has put Utahans in a position to fund this referendum at Christmas time, yet they have put us in the position of protecting Utahans against this tax increase…..Something that not even Scrooge would do!

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