Judy’s Corner

JUDY’S CORNER-Candidate Questions

Last night I attended the Sandy City Council meeting regarding the city trying to close a small business.

Like many places in Utah, people are loading city, county and state offices demanding to be heard. They are taking issues, and analyzing how they impact not only themselves but others.

In the audience at the council meeting were many familiar faces that were involved in the Utah 2019 Tax Referendum. These same people using social media and other methods of building awareness of the situation, they filled the council chambers. Citizens were given 3 minutes to speak to the issue and the council members did not cut off discussion even though the hour was late. They respected the time and effort that the community had invested. I have attended other meetings in other cities and the talk was stopped at a specific hour so members could get home, etc. Thank you Sandy City Council members!

This meeting was an information meeting so no decisions were made but at least the community was given the opportunity to voice their concerns. Future contact with the council members is required and essential.

This morning I am attending a caucus meeting at the Capitol where many bills are being discussed.

One bill being ran by Representative Norman Thurston regarding changes in the Initiatives/Referenda procedures.

Things are getting busy so , please make sure you know who your Representative and Senator is and build a relationship so your voice is heard. The official Utah government web site has this and other information on the legislative process.UTAH.LE.GOVutah.le.gov