Q – Do I have to sign in my own county?

A – No. Anyone registered to vote in Utah may sign any packet.

Q – Do I have to be a registered voter?

A-Yes. You can check vote.utah.gov to find your registration.

Q – How do I create a signing or training event?

A- Submit the form at https://utah2019tax.com/listing. Please provide as much accurate information as possible.

Q – Where do I sign?

A-View events at https://utah2019tax.com/events . Make sure to click “View All” toward the bottom of the screen to see all events. Some events are for signing only, while others are for signing, training, and have packets available to signature witnesses.

Q- How do I become a packet witness?

A – Begin by watching the training video at https://utah2019tax.com/staff and reviewing the addendum document there. Next find an event that offers training by checking the events at https://utah2019tax.com/events, the facebook page https://facebook.com/2019taxreferendum, or utah2019tax.eventbrite.com.

Q- What does the bill do?

A-It’s 190+ pages, so a lot. Cuts income tax by 0.29% and raises food tax by 177% and adds 4.85% to the wholesale price of gasoline. Adds serivce tax to many newly taxed services, like: Pet Grooming, Pet Boarding, Towing, Shipping & Handling is taxed, locksmith service, ridesharing, dating services, college athletic events, streaming media…..Short videos are available here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfp5IwMImbTOqlVlBC_J5Bw

Q – When did the bill pass?

A-Senate Bill 2001, that was passed in special session on December 12, 2019.

Q- How does the bill affect me?

That depends. Try this calculator and see: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XSD0NjPyeU2lDZsvO2fLpYYBM0b69CyAGjtnJRJmIxo/edit?fbclid=IwAR36do2O4-URy7su5-qKDzuXOZXuyoHuDNnDkOSqPSKuPwRpKS3J4iP497w#gid=0

Q- Does this stop the tax bill (SB 2001)?

A-If we get the required number of signatures (huge) that stops the bill from going into effect until the people have an up or down vote on it at a special or general election. If the people pass the bill, it stays as is. However, since a poll showed 68% of Utahns don’t like it, if it fails, the Legislature will have to start over, hopefully with better powers of hearing and leaving the food tax alone for sure.

Q- What if someone makes a mistake signing?

A- Line through the error, initial and enter the correct information.

Q- Do I have to show ID to sign?

It is preferable, but not absolutely necessary; but we do want to ensure the name and address you sign with are what is on file with your County Clerk.

Q- When I fill up a packet, what do I do with it?

A- You have 14 Calendar Days after the date of the first signature to turn the packet into your County Clerk’s office during business hours. If 14 days is past January 21st, then the last day is January 21st. Follow the instructions posted here: https://utah2019tax.com/packet-submit

Q- Can my spouse and I or business partner share a book?

A- No. One packet per signature witness, no unsurpervised sharing. You are signing as a witness for each signature in the book/packet.

Q- What is the last date packets can be turned in?

A- You must turn in completed or partially completed (not all signature lines need be filled) not later than closing time at your County Clerk’s office on January 21st, 2020.

Q- How do I donate?


Q – What services are taxed?


  • Unprepared foods (previously taxed at a preferential rate);
  • Gasoline;
  • Installation of tangible personal property when part of a taxable sale;
  • Pet boarding and pet daycare services;
  • Most non-governmental transportation services, including ridesharing (but not car sharing, which is already subject to sales tax);
  • Parking and towing;
  • Certain primarily digital services, like streaming media, identity theft protection, dating services, and database services;
  • Electronic security monitoring of real property;
  • Shipping and handling when part of a taxable sale;
  • Certain entertainment activities, like admissions to college athletic events or playing arcade games;
  • Certain entertainment-adjacent purchases (electricity for ski resort lifts, vehicles used at temporary sporting events);
  • Certain cleaning services (car washes and “unassisted” cleaning services); and
  • Newspapers and textbooks.

Q- Where can I read the bill?

The Bill that is the subject of the Referendum is at:

An explanation is at