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Stop The Utah Sales Tax On Food Sign The Referendum, don’t delay, The 21st is the deadline, sign now

The Utah Special Session 2019 Tax Reform has Utahans rallying to Sign the Referendum to stop the sales tax on food. The referendum is a result of the states Tax Restructuring Revisions bill. The return of a food tax has launched a grassroots movement that cuts across all political spectrum, both Left and Right, newly registered and longtime voters have joined together in an effort to try and stop this tax increase. The Legislator may be asking “why do they want to Sign the Utah Tax Referendum”? Simple, it is an effort to stop the Utah Special Session tax reform bill from taxing food by 177%, it is a bad bill. This ” Tax Referendum” movement is gaining amazing traction and continues to grow in popularity.

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Why are Utahans rushing to sign the referendum to stop the Utah sales tax on food

Timothy signs the Referendum
First act as a newly registered voter, Timothy signs the Referendum

The Utah Special Session 2019 Tax Reform Referendum is, in essence, a vote of no confidence in Utah’s Legislature and Governor. Why are the people of Utah declaring a vote of no confidence in those officials who voted for the bill? Well, the education fund has a rather large “rainy day” surplus, but if you ask any teacher you will hear that it is a sprinkle to a downpour. High-class sizes, teacher pay, programs cut, a quite a bit we could do here.

However, with the 2019 tax reform bill, the state will lower taxes paid to that account. Current state law prevents our elected officials from using funds from this account for purposes other than designated for education. So the 2019 tax reform bill is a way of working around two constitutional provisions and provides government officials a way to access school funds. And what is the trade-off? How about a 177% food tax increase! Can you afford that? It is clear from the 2019 tax reform bill that the state thinks you can. It is for these reasons that the tax referendum is so popular, and needed.

The Tax Referendum, says our Legislature and Governor are wrong.

Senator Karen Mayne
Senator has signed the Tax Referendum!

Now about that 177% tax increase on food – there is a hidden tax in there. Tax on fuel is going up as well. As a result, the semi-trucks that deliver the food to stores are going to pay more in tax on fuel. Yes, it is phased in but just when you get adjusted to the new food cost, taxes will go up again. The 2019 tax reform bill will add increased expenses for the delivery trucks, which is then passed on to the consumer through the inflated cost of food.

So now, not only will schools have less money in their account to invest into the education of Utah children, the 2019 tax reform bill will raise tax on all fuel, both unleaded and diesel, and you are going to pay more at the pump and to buy groceries to feed your family. That is why there is a desire to sign the referendum to stop the Utah sales tax on food

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If you can help go to the volunteer page, if you can donate, go to the donate page, if you would like to find more about the bill go to The Bill page, and if you want to sign the referendum go to the sign page for locations or to make arrangements to sign. what is in the news about the Utah Tax Referendum? Click here

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