Utah 2019 Tax Referendum

Phase 2

Election 2020

Because of the Coronavirus, this year’s election process will be much different than in the past. Without the caucuses and other traditional methods of determining where candidates stand on issues, we have established this website to help voters get to know the candidates and to understand their positions on the issues with a special focus on the issues and processes that led to the recent Tax Referendum.

Candidates for the Utah House of Representative, the Utah Senate, County Commissions, the state School Board, as well as candidates for Federal Office, are invited to reply to the following seven questions. Once we have a candidate’s answers we will set up a free page for that candidate on our site. That page will have the answers to the questions along with other information the candidate provides for their page—biographical, political philosophy, issues of special interest, etc. We will then push the information to social media sites in order to ensure that it gets the widest dissemination possible.

This website will be constantly updated with candidate information as well as with timely political reports and updates.

Please note, this form is for candidates only.


Please complete the following seven questions. The answers you provide will go into your free page on our site.

Once you have completed the questionnaire you will receive an email and you can then respond with the information that you would like to go on your page in addition to the responses to the questions.

Please note, you must fill out the questionnaire to receive a page.

Flints Design, Utah 2019 Tax, Utah 2020 Project, its associated websites and social media pages do not endorse or support any candidates and are not paid for by any candidate or campaign to have their information placed on any of the sites. This is a free service provided to candidates of Utah in an effort to help the voters of Utah get to know the candidates and to make the best choices possible in the 2020 elections.